How to turn a conversation about a promotion increase into a negative

How can a promotion have a negative impact on employee motivation ? Don’t mess up on the salary increase and try to skimp on a few euros !

Should we go high or low ? Salary increase vs cost of replacement

Salary increase vs cost of replacement : is your organization managing the recruitment budget very differently from the salary review budget ? Learn why it’s important to make cost comparisons across different budget lines in order to be more efficient in spending on people.

Reader Question – When shall I review salaries for staff on Fixed Term contract ?

Tips for deciding when to review salaries for staff on fixed-term contract, whether they are employees or external.

How do I give an increase to an employee who has reached the maximum of his salary range ?

How do I give an annual salary increase to an employee who has reached a maximum salary ceiling in his or her notch or position ? A question from James at HR Toolbox… but one which I have also heard from clients and past colleagues as well. It can happen quite easily that someone reaches…

How low salary is not low cost (always)

In Dubai where I live, and in other GCC countries, many organisations rely on cheap (imported) labour in order to manufacture, distribute and sell their products. A lot of HR Directors don’t necessarily believe in this “cheap cheap cheap” approach, but they struggle to get heard by the leadership team, and they often ask me…

Want to join me as I deliver my first public course on C&B in Dubai ?

I am very excited today to announce that I will deliver my first-ever public course on Compensation & Benefits very soon in Dubai ! “Deciphering C&B to make it work for your organisation” is a 2-day training taking place on March 24 and 25 at The Address Dubai Mall, in exclusive partnership with TPS World…

2013 Compensation best practices [infographic]

It’s my birthday today, and I want to share with you a “gift” in the form of quick infographic from It covers best practices in Compensation & Benefits for 2013 and is interesting for companies in all countries even though the study is based on US organisations. I strongly suggest you get the full…