Essentials of Compensation training

Essentials of Compensation training

Essentials of Compensation is my flagship training.

Interested ? Check out the brochure at the end of the page !

Need Advanced  training ? Check out the Expert Compensation & Benefits workshop !

Over 3 days, it will bring a practical understanding of the main aspects of the Compensation function and how it engages with the most powerful aspects of managing Human Capital in an organisation.

Polish your skills, complement your current methodologies and discover tips and tricks to help you deliver more efficiently.

Here is a high level overview of this programme :

  • Section 1 : The Reward Policy
  • Section 2 : From job descriptions to salary ranges
  • Section 3 : Essentials of Performance Management
  • Section 4 : Salary Reviews and promotions
  • Section 5 : Incentives
  • Section 6 : Retention, recognition and engagement
  • Section 7 : Implementation

You will  :

  • Recognise why having a Rewards policy helps you drive all your efforts in Total Rewards
  • Understand the various approaches to job descriptions and job evaluations
  • Decide which kind of grading system to apply for your company, and how to create the related salary bands
  • Discover tips to help you facilitate how you prepare the salary survey files
  • Set the budget for salary reviews
  • Apply differentiation for salary increases and promotions
  • Learn how pay and performance connect
  • Master the important principles that should always underline how you design incentives at your company
  • Understand employee engagement and how to link it to rewards
  • Receive practical tips for analysing data and the implementation of any Rewards project
  • Food for thought regarding recognition schemes, and more

I  also provide additional free resources at the end of this 3-day session.

Who should attend ?

3 main audiences will benefit from this training :

  1. Mid-career Compensation professionals who are looking for practical advice helping them to perform accurate and varied work in this exciting field.
  2. HR generalists of all levels of seniority who are looking for a broad understanding of the role of the Rewards function, and how it brings value to the organisation – a refresher delivered in a practical manner.
  3. Finance professionals or General Managers/Directors who are involved in pay, bonus, budget and other Rewards-related activities. This training will give them the background required to make the right decisions for their organisation.

I primarily deliver this training in the GCC, but am open for sessions in other countries further away… all the way to Malaysia, Kenya or Europe for example  !

If you ask me to provide this training for your company staff only, I will be happy to deliver it in your premises or at your offsite location.

Delivery style

The whole training provides a small base of theoretical info where needed, but is more importantly based on my 23-year experience in the high-tech, telecom, retail, manufacturing, finance and real estate industries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa.

As a result, it’s full of practical ideas, examples, and includes case studies/exercises. In a relaxed manner, I share tricks and anecdotes to make it easy for participants to apply some of these concepts and new skills when they return to work.

I encourage the delegates to participate (I like to make it conversational, not like a grand lecture) and ask questions, share their situation…

Here’s a quick brochure :

Want to learn more ?

✔ Are you interested in learning of upcoming training dates ?

✔ Are you a Learning Manager or HR Director looking to get a session customised to your organisation ?

✔ Are you a training provider intent on adding a practical Rewards workshop to your portfolio ?

✔ Are you interested in more in-depth training, for example around performance management, incentive design, how to make the best use of compensation surveys, or other specific topics on Total Rewards ?

… Then simply send me a message using this Contact Form and I will get back to you shortly. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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  1. Stephanie Pribish says

    Where is this class held, what is the cost and how can I sign up?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Stephanie,
      Thanks a lot for your interest.
      I usually deliver this public course in Dubai, but have delivered it in Kuala Lumpur, with plans for new programs in Asia and also in North Africa.
      I also organise in-house training sessions, for example for the internal HR team of an organisation, or for clients or customers of industry associations, SMB networks in banks etc…
      Currently (end May 2014) there are no public courses planned, but I will update this page when there are upcoming sessions. I’ll also put you on my “special list” and will personally send you a message when a public course is programmed.

  2. Hello! Do you have an updated course schedule (plus venue and cost) for Essentials of Compensation?

  3. Nadim Ahmed says

    Hi Sandrine,
    Whens the next session planned from your end. Please advise. Thanks

  4. Hi Sandrine.

    Do you offer online trainings with certification considering that Covid – 19 is here and the new normal is that people can converge.

    If yes let me know of the cost and mode of payment and duration.

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