What 2017 will bring to Compensation Insider

Here comes the time of the year where I share my accomplishments and disappointments for the previous year, but most importantly, the plan I’ve put in place for 2017. Like every year since 2005, I followed my trusted “Your Best Year Yet” plan and spent a day or two in order to devise a programme […]

Why employees are not engaged and how to motivate them – [infographic]

Most employees are not engaged. Low engagement costs US companies over $350 billions in revenue every year, as employees focus on activities that are not very productive. Why do they do that ? Do you want to know what employees really want, and what you should offer them as part of your Employee Value Proposition […]

What do the Olympics opening ceremony and your recognition scheme have in common ?

I love watching the big ceremonies for the launch of truly international sporting events.  I was happily reflecting on the fact that the Olympics opened on a Friday hence week-end for us in the GCC when an idea came to my mind linking it to Compensation & Benefits. I know, I know, I’m a bit obsessive-compulsive […]

Salaries and the cost of living in KSA

I’m very pleased today to host my friends from Bridge the Data for a guest post. Bridge the Data was formerly know as Cost of Living reports, and I mentioned their reports in previous articles. Today, they share with us an extract from their KSA report which was published right at the end of 2015. […]

The digitalisation of HR – are your systems in the 21st century yet ?

I was at the #OracleX conference in Dubai yesterday, which is basically a giant product showcase mixed with some interesting external contributions. It was a really great event, with superb organisation moving hundreds of people at the same time in a flawless way – I’ve never seen that many helpers at an event, but it […]

Employee benefits in the event of terrorism

In today’s guest article, it is my pleasure to welcome Laura Rossi-Manganotti, a Benefits expert working at Western Union. When she approached me with her idea to cover employee benefits in case of terrorism, I have to say I had some reservations given the sensitivity of the topic. However, as you will surely agree, this […]

How do I negotiate my salary ?

I recently answered the following question : “How do I negotiate salary in the Bay area?”. Given that my answer has been viewed over 1,300 times on Quora, I figured I would share it with my readers as well. So, here goes 🙂 : Where you are located (or will be) does not affect *how* to […]