Caps and thresholds for Business Development roles ?

One of my friends recently asked me this question : I was hoping you could help me with a Sales Commission question. To set the scene, we want to target quality Business Development people – niche skill set and specialist experience for this engineering company, Hay level 19-20, on about AED 50,000+. For these type […]

Ramadan Kareem !

Ramadan Kareem 2015

To all my readers, recent or long-term, in the Middle East or other parts of the world, I would like to wish a blessed Ramadan. May this month of reflection and sharing bring you peace, joy, and self-awareness !  

Reader Question – Should I pay a prorated bonus to an employee who resigned ?

Marta one of my readers just wrote to me asking me for advice on the following situation : I’m HR Manager for a small Oil & Gas Contractor. Recently,  I’ve been facing quite difficult situation and need second opinion. We have a Project Manager leaving the company in June (resignation) and here comes the issue – […]

When crisis brings synergy

Sehar Khushboo

I am delighted today to publish the first article from Khushboo Sehar. Sehar reached out to me mentioning the article I wrote last year, asking my readers to write an article for my blog – the invitation is still open . I was delighted to read her piece. This is a real-life experience of collaboration between Finance […]

How low salary is not low cost (always)

Low salary is not low cost

In Dubai where I live, and in other GCC countries, many organisations rely on cheap (imported) labour in order to manufacture, distribute and sell their products. A lot of HR Directors don’t necessarily believe in this “cheap cheap cheap” approach, but they struggle to get heard by the leadership team, and they often ask me […]

In your own words : a call for the recognition of the Rewards profession in the Middle East

Advice for your C&B Career

A few months ago I wrote a report on Trends in Compensation & Benefits in the GCC for informa Middle East (free download). In the survey that was at the basis of the report, Rewards managers were asked about the challenges they face. A massive cry out came from the ranks, centered on 2 main […]

An easy way to expand your knowledge and karma

This time, it's personnel - best selling book on amazon UK 03 Nov 2014

A few months ago I was invited to submit a chapter  for the sequel to an HR best-selling “book of blogs”. David D’Souza curated the first book in the series, and did an awesome job for this sequel despite some difficult personal circumstances. Kudos to him for such a good follow-up ! I donated an […]