How low salary is not low cost (always)

Low salary is not low cost

In Dubai where I live, and in other GCC countries, many organisations rely on cheap (imported) labour in order to manufacture, distribute and sell their products. A lot of HR Directors don’t necessarily believe in this “cheap cheap cheap” approach, but they struggle to get heard by the leadership team, and they often ask me […]

In your own words : a call for the recognition of the Rewards profession in the Middle East

Advice for your C&B Career

A few months ago I wrote a report on Trends in Compensation & Benefits in the GCC for informa Middle East (free download). In the survey that was at the basis of the report, Rewards managers were asked about the challenges they face. A massive cry out came from the ranks, centered on 2 main […]

An easy way to expand your knowledge and karma

This time, it's personnel - best selling book on amazon UK 03 Nov 2014

A few months ago I was invited to submit a chapter  for the sequel to an HR best-selling “book of blogs”. David D’Souza curated the first book in the series, and did an awesome job for this sequel despite some difficult personal circumstances. Kudos to him for such a good follow-up ! I donated an […]

How do I roll out the new performance management system to 70 companies with no budget ?

Nadia, a reader, asks : “My main struggle with C&B stems from performance management. The organisation I work for is a large conglomerate with companies operating mainly in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We have recently re-designed the whole performance appraisal system where we now have a system that is no longer paper based and no […]

C&B : Local leadership want it “their” way, not the corporate way – what can I do ?

Holly, one of my new subscribers recently commented : One of the biggest challenges involves developing global strategy that inter-relates both compensation & benefits as well as global mobility issues among 100 countries. One size does not fit all situations – and a regional approach has been employed. However, that approach is often undermined by […]

When to use comparatio and market ratio

One of my contacts commented to me recently : I am curious about something…. If compa-ratio defines the relationship between a person’s pay and his internal pay grade mid-point, should there not be a different name for the metric that defines the actual pay rate of the incumbent with the target market midpoint? You are […]

Is this the biggest HR challenge in the GCC ?

One of my recent subscribers wrote to me : I think the biggest challenge for any one handling HR in the GCC would be Total Rewards equity. Convincing people that they are paid fairly and equitably by any company seems to be an impossible task to achieve. Nationals keep wanting to be promoted despite their […]