Compensation & Benefits Training

Expert Compensation and Benefits training

Design and delivery of Compensation & Benefits trainings, targeted at HR communities as well as line managers.

The accent is put on sharing knowledge and experience in a hands-on style with real-life tools and tricks which will empower the participants to apply their new skills when returning to their daily activities, and help drive more effective rewards and recognition systems in your organisation.

Illustrations come from my experiences in the high tech, telecom, retail, manufacturing and real estate industries, and cover Europe, the Middle East, Africa and some Asian countries.

Sessions can last from one day to a week, and can be delivered to a mixed audience, or adapted to your company to be completed in-house.

In-depth Compensation & Benefits trainings

My flagship trainings are  :

  • Essentials of Compensation, a 3-day training aimed at C&B Analysts, HR generalists and Finance pros with all the basics to understand how jobs fit in a structure (job descriptions and evaluations) and are represented through the grading system, how to participate properly to salary surveys and use the results to maintain and update salary ranges, and basic principles of incentive design to calculate payout accurately
  • Expert Compensation & Benefits, a 4-day training focused on innovative techniques for those in charge of assessing, designing and implementing new schemes in their organisations. This includes advanced tips on creating salary ranges, merit matrices, incentive design (short-term, sales and executive), the latest in performance management, managing benefits etc.

Practical Compensation & Benefits workshops 

Looking for something really focused ? Then you will surely enjoy attending the following : 
  • Designing employee recognition schemes for increased employee engagement, a one-day workshop covering employee engagement and motivation, the factors influencing engagement, the employee value proposition, and a methodology for designing a recognition scheme. It comes with a booklet of activities for the participant to get started on the design of a scheme for their own organisation, which we start to fill during the workshop.
  • Advanced salary benchmarking, a one-day workshop covering the salary survey process, from the selection of compensation data providers, to advice for creating your own survey, practical tips to make participating to the survey easier, and real-life-based guidance for using the results.
  • Exceptional salary reviews, a one-day workshop on mastering and reviewing salary scales, how to apply the different types of increases, advanced techniques for creating merit matrices, promotions guidelines and more. The aim is to help organisations control their spending while improving the link between pay and performance.
  • Performance management design for HR : covering all aspects required to design and implement the performance management system at a company. This session does not cover the traditional “how to set goals, give feedback and evaluate performance” typically aimed at line managers. It is about thinking of all the elements that HR professionals should include or not in the Performance Management tool, the process to be implemented (eg : annual, quarterly, monthly or more frequent review ?), and the related deployment plan.
Upcoming trainings include : Linking pay and performance, Designing sales incentives, and other innovate topics. More on these soon 🙂 

It was good to meet you last week at the Forum. I enjoyed the relaxed manner of the workshop as it allowed time for discussion. An LTI has been designed for (my company’s) top management however the questions will help in my understanding of the process, in order to implement it more effectively. (Rebecca J.)

Contact me to hire me, and provide hands-on training to your HR and C&B team members !

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