Want to join me as I deliver my first public course on C&B in Dubai ?

Deciphering Comp for your organisationI am very excited today to announce that I will deliver my first-ever public course on Compensation & Benefits very soon in Dubai !

“Deciphering C&B to make it work for your organisation” is a 2-day training taking place on March 24 and 25 at The Address Dubai Mall, in exclusive partnership with TPS World Learning.

Quick overview of this Compensation training

We will examine Compensation practices starting from job evaluations to job grading, participating to surveys and creating salary ranges. Then we will look into how C&B supports recruitment efforts, and move on to performance management then salary reviews and bonuses. We also cover employee engagement, and finish with an overview of other activities that C&B gets involved in. Finally, I share some tips based on my years of experience at multinationals and in the region.

What you will get is an understanding of the  main aspects of the C&B function, how it all fits together, and how you can position yourself to bring value to your company. In particular, you will learn :

  • The various approaches to job descriptions and job evaluations
  • How to decide which kind of grading system to apply for your company, and how to create the related salary bands
  • Different ways in which the Rewards function supports your recruitment efforts
  • Best practices and tips for an effective Performance Management approach at your organisation
  • How to set the budget for salary reviews
  • How to apply differentiation for salary increases and promotions
  • Important principles that should always underline how you design incentives at your company (annual bonus, sales incentive), including case studies
  • Understanding employee engagement and how to link it to rewards
  • Food for thought regarding emiratisation/nationalisation in the GCC, recognition schemes, and more
  • Practical tips for analysing data and the implementation of any Rewards project

What’s in it for you ?

My Compensation trainings are based on the situations I faced in my 20 years of corporate life as well as with clients, and include case studies and discussions to allow all participants to share their ideas, solutions, or questions. So there won’t be much of “big theories”, and more of practical ideas that can be used in the workplace.

This is no nonsense training, delivered by someone who is quite known for practicing  down-to-earth, specifically adapted approaches.

In a relaxed manner, I share tricks and anecdotes to make it easy for participants to apply some of these concepts and new skills when they return to work. I encourage the delegates to participate and ask questions, share their situation… I like to make it conversational, not like a grand lecture 🙂

GCC based mid-level Compensation professionals and HR generalists of all levels of seniority will get a broad understanding of the role of the Rewards function, and how it brings value to the organisation – a refresher delivered in a practical manner.

At the same time, Senior Compensation leaders will be interested in hearing best practices and actual examples from other companies from the GCC and beyond, based on my experience as well as the interaction with other participants.

This should ensure that you all come back to work feeling that you have better ideas of what to do in your company to have a substantial impact, and to start or continue to move away from the traditional administrative activities that are often associated with C&B in the region.

How do you enrol ?

All this value costs 2000 $ (around 7000 AED) for 2 days so I’m pretty sure this should be within your budget 🙂

If you want to participate in this exciting 2-day intervention, please click here to get to TPS and fill the form. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to forward this offer to your friends or colleagues who could benefit from this training.

As this is our pilot session, we have limited seating, so register rapidly to make sure you seat is reserved !

Once you have secured your seat, don’t hesitate to send me a message to let me know if there is anything specific you’d like me to cover. I can’t promise I will be able to cover all requests during the training, but I will try to incorporate as many as possible, to make the course super relevant to you.

As I said, I am convinced this content-packed 2 day event will make a difference in your perception of the role and capacity of the Compensation function.

This class was formerly reserved for in-house  Compensation trainings, where I delivered the course to teams of HR and line managers working together at the same company. TPS, my exclusive partners for this program, convinced me that more organisations could benefit if I offered this course as a public one as well as an in-house offering.

Spreading the word around “good” C&B is my main objective, and this training will complement the advice and points of view that I have been sharing through my blog for 2.5 years now.

I look forward to meeting you there, and if this pilot is successful, I will be happy to deliver more sessions in the future :-).

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