Shout out to all Rewards pros

Shout out to all Rewards pros for all your incredible work since the pandemic began, and your crucial role in defining the New world of Work.

Breast cancer awareness – what HR can do to support

Discover the 4 pillars of how HR can help in the fight against breast cancer : awareness, fundraising, supporting those who are fighting cancer, and prevention.

Health insurance terms : a refresher

We cover core health insurance terms for HR and employees to understand all that is payable and included, or not, in their health insurance.

Total Rewards podcasts : some recommendations

Check out the Total Rewards podcasts I never miss, as well as some episodes on cutting-edge Total Rewards topics, and 3 where I was a guest

Are you benchmarking…or copying ?

while compensation benchmarking is good as you can leverage some ideas, a simple “cut and paste” of another company scheme will probably not bring you the results that you are hoping for.

Check out this extract from my GlobalTV Talk Show interview with host Ed Cohen

In this interview with Ed Cohen, we discuss the impact of remote work on companies and employees, and the Great Resignation.

Unemployed – from Europe to the Arab world, a personal story

Sharing my experience of being unemployed 3 times, in context of the situation in the Arab world nowadays.