Are you benchmarking…or copying ?

while compensation benchmarking is good as you can leverage some ideas, a simple “cut and paste” of another company scheme will probably not bring you the results that you are hoping for.

Reader Question – When shall I review salaries for staff on Fixed Term contract ?

Tips for deciding when to review salaries for staff on fixed-term contract, whether they are employees or external.

How to personalize Total Rewards

We look at how to personalize Total Rewards by introducing flexibility in many areas of the employee package.

How do I negotiate my salary ?

I recently answered the following question : “How do I negotiate salary in the Bay area?”. Given that my answer has been viewed over 1,300 times on Quora, I figured I would share it with my readers as well. So, here goes 🙂 : Where you are located (or will be) does not affect *how* to…

How do I give an increase to an employee who has reached the maximum of his salary range ?

How do I give an annual salary increase to an employee who has reached a maximum salary ceiling in his or her notch or position ? A question from James at HR Toolbox… but one which I have also heard from clients and past colleagues as well. It can happen quite easily that someone reaches…

Compensation & Benefits – The text-book solution is not always right !

Today’s post comes from my friend Tom Raftery, founder and Director of It’s all about People, a Human Capital consultancy based in Dubai. In this article, he shares some thought-provoking views based on his real-life experience. The “best practice”, widely accepted, default approach to compensation-related issues is not always the best one to apply for the…

Out-of-the-box thinking for designing merit matrices

Are you using a merit matrix for deciding salary increases for the employees in your company ? Then you are already familiar with the traditional “bands” or “ranges” of comparatio (basic pay compared to midpoint of the salary range associated with the grade of the employee – the position of the employee in the pay…