Organise your C&B team for efficiency and growth

We discuss some tips to help you organise your C&B team : transparent communication, goal setting, and internal collaboration.

Explore the 3 main types of jobs in Compensation & Benefits

Discover the 3 main types of jobs that you can do in Compensation & Benefits, depending on your preferred career path. So many opportunities !

Happy birthday, Sandrine !

For my 50th birthday, discover 50 life and work lessons I learned so far.

What I believe – work and career in C&B

In this post, I cover 6 beliefs about work, based on my 25+ years of experience. These behaviours will support your career growth in Total Rewards or HR.

8 tips to become a more attractive candidate for an HR position

“I really want to break into the Human Resources industry but I am currently unemployed, is there anything you suggest I do while unemployed, during my career search that would make me a more attractive candidate for a position?” This question from one of my readers really made me feel for her. Here below, I’ve…

In your own words: a call for the recognition of the Rewards profession in the Middle East

A few months ago I wrote a report on Trends in Compensation & Benefits in the GCC for informa Middle East (free download). In the survey that was at the basis of the report, Rewards managers were asked about the challenges they face. A massive cry out came from the ranks, centered on 2 main…

An easy way to expand your knowledge and karma

A few months ago I was invited to submit a chapter  for the sequel to an HR best-selling “book of blogs”. David D’Souza curated the first book in the series, and did an awesome job for this sequel despite some difficult personal circumstances. Kudos to him for such a good follow-up ! I donated an…