Reader Question – How to use different surveys when their results are vastly different ?

We discuss a 3-step approach to use different salary surveys results and how to weigh them appropriately. Read or watch the video !

Convince management to pay for salary market data

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How many salary surveys should I participate to ?

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The importance of selecting the right peer group when benchmarking

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Salaries and the cost of living in KSA

I’m very pleased today to host my friends from Bridge the Data for a guest post. Bridge the Data was formerly know as Cost of Living reports, and I mentioned their reports in previous articles. Today, they share with us an extract from their KSA report which was published right at the end of 2015.…

How to get access to compensation data

“I am looking for compensation data for Real Estate Industry in the ME. Can you help me with the same?” That’s what Ishita, one of my readers, wanted to know recently. That’s an interesting question. I once had a similar request regarding Retail surveys for the EMEA region. Getting access to reliable compensation data is the basis…

Job Pricing : Tips and Its Use in Developing Markets

I am delighted to present today’s post. It’s been written by Arif Ender, a young C&B professional whom I believe has a brilliant career ahead of him. Interested ? Read his bio at the end of the article… and read this post, where he presents useful tips on job pricing. Here we are : The…