Unemployed – from Europe to the Arab world, a personal story

Sharing my experience of being unemployed 3 times, in context of the situation in the Arab world nowadays.

Expanding the boundaries of the role of C&B

How uncommon activities will help you expand the boundaries of your role as C&B, and gain a unique perspective.

How many salary surveys should I participate to ?

Tips for deciding in how many salary surveys you should participate if your company operates across multiple industries.

Salaries and the cost of living in KSA

I’m very pleased today to host my friends from Bridge the Data for a guest post. Bridge the Data was formerly know as Cost of Living reports, and I mentioned their reports in previous articles. Today, they share with us an extract from their KSA report which was published right at the end of 2015.…

My C&B Christmas wish list

I was at my friends’ home recently, and the children were busy preparing their letters for Santa Claus. They behaved well during the year (well, most of the time anyway…) so were writing their  wish list for Christmas. Of course, I don’t believe in Santa Claus any longer, but it got me thinking about what…

How do I create a housing allowance policy from scratch ?

“We don’t have a housing allowance policy in place. My company has around 50 employees, and we currently negotiate on a case-by-case basis. The negotiation is based on the person, not the position, so 2 employees in similar roles may have different housing payments, based on how they negotiated. How do I create a housing…

HR Summit and Expo 2015 : a recap

Beware : long read ! The HR Summit and Expo 2015 organised by informa took place last week in Dubai from November 16 to 18. I was honoured to be invited again to present a session in the free learning track, and delivered some tips on how to use numbers and words to get better…