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  1. Marla Schofield says

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  2. jocelyn romero says

    Hi, Good day!

    I worked in the company for 12 yrs. Can i get a retirement benefits?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Jocelyn,

      I don’t normally consult on individual cases, but would advise you to give more context to your question in order to receive some good advice. The most important question is : in which country did you work these 12 years ?

      This answer will drive the rest of the questions, such as: was it private or government ? Are you retiring now, or are you asking with view of future retirement/pension rights ? Or if you are based in the GCC, do you mean eligibility to End of Service payment if you leave the company ? Was there a company-provided retirement scheme, and if so, did you contribute to it ?

      With a clear picture, a compensation pro dealing with the country you worked in during these 12 years should be able to give you at least some general guidance.

      All the best,

  3. Chaitanya says

    Dear Sandrine,

    Please elaborate on Compensation & Benefit System with specific focus on Salary structure for shop floor labors from different nationalities in SAUDI market.

    • Sandrine Bardot says

      Dear Chaitanya,
      You will need the help of a specialised Compensation survey provider who operates in KSA in order to get the most accurate information. If you have recent survey data and need support in interpreting the information and transforming it into a pay structure, I’ll be happy to offer my services.
      In the mean time the following report may be of help to highlight major salary differences by broad area of nationality – you’ll have to epxlore the various articles related to the Gulf Business 2013 Salary Survey. Good reading !

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  5. Sanjiv Bhattacharjee says


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  6. Sally Byers says

    I would like to learn about the compensation side. I have 20+ years in benefits and would love to expand my knowledge

    • Hi Sally,
      Well you are in the right place .:-). First you may want to subscribe to this blog simply by filling the form above.
      Then I’d like to direct you to my article where I list some free and low-cost resources – do try the “Rewards for Managers” book, it’s a good introduction to the basics of Compensation.
      And don’t hesitate to send me comments or questions, I try to answer most fo them and sometimes even publish my reply as an anonymised (is that a word?) blog post for all my readers to benefit from a great question.
      All the best for this journey !

  7. Dear Sandrine
    Hello once again .Please be so kind to add me to the newsletter .Keep up the good Job

    Kind Regards

    • Dear Antoni,
      Unfortunately I can’t add you manually to my list. You need to fill the form on this page : and when you receive the confirmation email in your inbox a few minutes later, click on the link inside to confirm your subscription. This has to do with anti-spam regulations, it’s a protection for people like you to make sure that me and other bloggers don’t add people to our email list without their knowledge and consent :-).
      Looking forward to welcoming you to the community !

  8. Tariq Abdul Qadir says

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    • Hi Colette,
      I cannot manually add you to the list. You have to enter your first name and email address in the box above, and then confirm your subscription when you receive the confirmation message in your email 🙂

  10. Howard Nizewitz says

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  11. Sheetal Kumar Sharma says

    Looking forward to great insights

  12. Arze Sakhat says

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