Expert Compensation and Benefits training

Expert Compensation and Benefits training

Expert Compensation and Benefits is my flagship training.

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Beyond applying and updating tools and procedures as covered in Essentials of Compensation, this Expert training will focus on design aspects for the Rewards function.

Over 4 days, you will discuss multiple methodologies for creating and implementing, from scratch, the main aspects of Reward packages such as salary ranges, merit matrices, performance management and incentive design.

Here is a high level overview of this programme :

  • Section 1 : The Reward policy
  • Section 2 : Salary benchmarking and creating salary ranges
  • Section 3 : C&B and hiring
  • Section 4 : Performance Management in Action
  • Section 5 : “Show me the money !” : salary reviews and promotions
  • Section 6 : Incentive design
  • Section 7 : The modern-day Graal : retention and engagement
  • Section 8 : Other things C&B gets involved in
  • Section 9 : Implementation

You will  :

  • Discover multiple ways of creating the midpoints of your salary ranges starting from scratch
  • Review best practices and tips for an effective Performance Management approach at your organisation
  • Learn how to use your salary review budget to design your merit matrix, and how to include multiple levels of variability in the merit matrix.
  • Maintain control over your costs and organisational structure through guidelines for tightening the criteria for eligibility to promotion
  • Master the important principles that should always underline how you design incentives at your company (annual bonus, sales incentive), with case studies
  • Understand employee engagement and how to link it to rewards
  • Discover how to think about optimising End of Service and health benefits
  • Receive practical tips for analysing data and the implementation of any Rewards project
  • Food for thought regarding emiratisation/nationalisation in the GCC, Remcos and corporate governance, and more

I  also provide additional free resources at the end of this 4-day session.

Who should attend ?

This training is designed for Senior Compensation practitioners and HR Managers who have to assess, review and design new schemes for their organisation. You will discover practical techniques, best practices and actual examples from other global companies, based on the trainer’s extensive experience as well as the interaction with other participants.

Pre-requisites : it is best if the participants have attended the Essentials of Compensation Training first.

Alternatively, delegates should be experienced HR professionals with :

  • A good mastery of mathematics for Rewards (percentiles definition and calculation, weighted averages, difference between median and average, annualisation and proratisation calculations)
  • An understanding of the basic concepts behind merit matrices

A good knowledge of traditional performance management approaches

I primarily deliver this training in the GCC, but am open for sessions in other countries further away… all the way to Malaysia, Kenya or Europe for example  !

If you ask me to provide this training for your company staff only, I will be happy to deliver it in your premises or at your offsite location.

Delivery style

The whole training provides a small base of theoretical info where needed, but is more importantly based on my 23-year experience in the high-tech, telecom, retail, manufacturing, finance and real estate industries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa.

As a result, it’s full of practical ideas, examples, and includes case studies/exercises. In a relaxed manner, I share tricks and anecdotes to make it easy for participants to apply some of these concepts and new skills when they return to work.

I encourage the delegates to participate (I like to make it conversational, not like a grand lecture) and ask questions, share their situation…

Here’s a quick brochure :


Want to learn more ?

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✔ Are you interested in more in-depth training, for example around performance management, incentive design, how to make the best use of compensation surveys, or other specific topics on Total Rewards ?

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