Breast cancer awareness – what HR can do to support

Discover the 4 pillars of how HR can help in the fight against breast cancer : awareness, fundraising, supporting those who are fighting cancer, and prevention.

Health insurance terms : a refresher

We cover core health insurance terms for HR and employees to understand all that is payable and included, or not, in their health insurance.

Designing an effective employee wellness campaign – [Interview]

Robin Wells, the Head of Global Corporate at Medstar Insurance Brokers, was one of the speakers at the recent Compensation & Benefits Forum organised by informa in Dubai. He made a very interesting presentation on Employee Wellness campaigns in the workplace. I asked him to share the most salient points from his presentation. Listen to our 12-minute…

Employee benefits in the event of terrorism

In today’s guest article, it is my pleasure to welcome Laura Rossi-Manganotti, a Benefits expert working at Western Union. When she approached me with her idea to cover employee benefits in case of terrorism, I have to say I had some reservations given the sensitivity of the topic. However, as you will surely agree, this…