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“Good” Compensation & Benefits approaches support your company strategy, improve employee engagement and retention, increase control over human capital costs, and develop the skills of your HR organisation and line managers.

For almost 20 years, I took on positions with increasing responsibilities in C&B in Microsoft, EADS, Apple, Fiat and more, leading to global positions of Head of Performance and Reward at Majid Al Futtaim (Dubai) then Mubadala (Abu Dhabi).

How do you benefit from this exposure ?

Sandrine Bardot - C&B in the Middle East

  • I offer an audit of your compensation practices called Future Map. In 3 easy steps, it is a fast  and affordable production of ideas for establishing priorities in the Total Rewards department based on a methodology that I developed through my 20-year career in Corporate C&B. Don’t miss it !
  • I deliver training and workshops. Topics range from Compensation 101 to how to create salary ranges, to designing a retention plan, or how to use C&B to help retain Nationals, among others. Also exclusively for your in-house team !
  • I coach HR professionals who need support on Total Rewards topics. You can opt for a one-hour session or retain me for a number of ad-hoc sessions over a 4 or 6 months period. We use Skype to talk, video or even chat. The coaching can be technical in nature, or more about applying soft skills for better effectiveness in getting buy-in for C&B projects. My approach is tailored to your needs, although I often suggest to start the process in a similar manner so as to establish some good foundation.
  • I am a regular public speaker on the topic of Compensation & Benefits at conferences in the Middle East and in Europe. I also deliver keynote speeches during in-house, corporate events so you can get the same benefits for your Executive or HR team, tailored to your organization.

I also contribute to the growth of the C&B community through a number of activities.

The first obviously is this blog, where you can find over 240 free articles on topics ranging from Compensation, Benefits and Performance Management to Emiratisation / Nationalisation, International Mobility and Governance / Remuneration Committees.

Furthermore, I love interacting with others at networking events and clubs, and regularly give on-the-spot career advice to fellow Total Rewards professionals, HR generalists and students who wonder whether to move into HR, or what working in C&B entails. For many years, I was rated as the top Compensation & Benefits expert in the now defunct LinkedIn Answers forum.

Why work with me ?

Of course, you should consider my technical expertise as well as the numerous industries, geographical spread and organisational cultures that I worked in.

But beyond the objective definition, here is why we should (or shouldn’t) engage in business together :

Sandrine constantly provided me, and the HR team I was part of, thought Comp & Ben expertise and leadership. From Expatriates issues to Performance  management, from Benefits advisor to Career Coach, she always proved to be a powerful value-added resource in terms of quality of solutions proposed, original and customized to the case, and accuracy of her analysis results. Sandrine is particularly exceptional because she finds the time to transfer her knowledge and share her ideas with colleagues and her team. It is really an honour for me to recommend her and to endorse her. (Roberta Z.)

Four points about me :

  1. I believe in sharing my ideas, and offer solutions that give you the opportunity to take your in-house knowledge to the next level.
  2. I understand the broader picture, yet at the same time I am able to balance this by zooming in on the very analytical aspects of any process or activity.
  3. I am focused and energetic, and love a good challenge. I especially enjoy working in turnaround  or greenfield environments. Routine and repeated assignments, no thanks !
  4. And on the personal side… I am fun to work with 🙂

Want to know more ?

Dig into my products and services in more detail, or leave me a message and I’ll get back to you to explore how I may support your projects :

I hope to hear from you soon !


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  1. liked this post!

  2. Hi Sandrine,
    I came across your posts on LinkedIn Answers and found your blog, I find it very well researched and detailed on the topic. Thank you for sharing your insights.

  3. Raghavendra says

    Hi Sandrine


    In fact, it’s great experience for me to go through this blog and have some insight on compensation and benefits.

    I am an HR professional and would like to explore in C&B area and kindly advise, how to gain more knowledge in this area and also is there any specific training programmes that gives more expertise

    Seeking your support


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