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Are you a fan of podcasts ? In view of the upcoming #InternationalPodcastDay, I’m sharing with you some of my favourite podcasts on topics related to Total Rewards and HR, as well as some individual episodes specially handpicked for you… and of course, 3 episodes where I was a guest 😉 !


Hello, and welcome to this episode of Compensation Insider. Today, I want to talk about podcasts.

Why do I want to do that? Well, September 30th is International Podcast Day. Over the past few years, as much as I like podcasts, I found it quite difficult to find good podcasts on Compensation and Benefits subject, or the few that I found were not very much alive, becoming dead after a few episodes and so on.

So today I have seven podcasts which I would like to recommend to you, plus one which I haven’t tested yet. I will also make some recommendations of some specific episodes for you.

Some of my favourite Total Rewards podcasts : I check out all their episodes

So, in no specific order, the first one that I would like to mention is Compensation And Coffee by PayScale. This is mostly a podcast of conversations from people by PayScale, who sometimes bring in an outside person. They talk about various aspects of compensation and benefits.

Then there is Paying For Good by Corinne Carr. She mostly does interviews. She’s based in the UK. She’s a compensation and benefits consultant, and she welcomes people to talk about comp and ben, with an edge towards good practices, sustainability, governance and the like.

A little bit more, how can I say, technical, sometimes, is the Talking Benefits podcast by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, which is mostly talking about various aspects of compensation, well, mostly benefits, in the US and Canada.

Then, we go slightly outside of the pure total rewards, but on topics that are very close to what we do. So there is the excellent Storytelling With Data by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic. She has written a book with the same title. She has a fantastic blog. I love everything that she does. She’s about data visualization, but explained in an easy way. Cole started her career, or this adventure of Storytelling With Data, when she was working in Google people analytics team and doing data visualization there.

Then there is the People Data For Good by Al Adamsen, and it’s mostly about people analytics, which is an interesting topic as well.

And then we get into topics that are a bit more far away, but very, very interesting. So for me, there is Behavioral Grooves, which is hosted by Kurt Nelson and Tim Houlihan, and they talk about behavioral science, nudges and all those effects of neuroscience on how people behave. Sometimes it’s applied to HR, not always, but always very interesting.

And my favorite is the Thinking Inside the Box by Matt Burns, from BentoHR. I met Matt a few months ago. I love his blog. I love what he does with BentoHR. He talks about HR, the culture of organizations and the world of work, with innovation as an edge (HR and Virtual and Augmented Reality…). Don’t miss any of his content !

Finally, there’s one blog, which I haven’t listened to yet, but its topics look really good, so I’ve put it in my queue. It’s called Employee Cycles, HR trends, HR tech, and HR analytics, by a provider whom I think is based in the US.

A la carte – Total Rewards podcasts : episodes which are in my queue

Now, I also have a list of podcast episodes, which I took from podcasts which are not listed above. I’ve chosen some topics which will show you what my personal centers of interests are.

So there is one from Workforce Institute Radio, on the case for the four-day week.

There is one from Earthly Delights, which is an interview with Professor Guy Standing on universal basic income.

There is an episode on becoming better healthcare consumers, with the founder of Quizzify, Al Lewis, on the Redesigning Wellness with Jen Arnold podcast. Quizzify is a fantastic tool. I wish it was operating in the Middle East. I would recommend it to all my clients. It’s a way for employees and people, generally speaking, to learn more, in a gamified way, about healthcare and wellness, all supported by medical research.

Then there is an interview of Jeffrey Pfeffer, about his book Dying for a Paycheck, on the Eat Sleep Work and Repeat podcast. The book is really, really good.

There’s an episode on Emotion At Work, on the topic of job crafting, which is when organizations really give people the opportunity to adapt their job to what they prefer to do.

There’s an interview of Jon Rickers, on obtaining greater HR representation on boards, on the ChapmanCG Global HR Interviews.

And then a topic which is very, very relevant nowadays on Friends with Employee Benefits is about vaccine mandates, surcharges and incentives, so some kind of best practices for employers.

And finally, an episode on sales compensation from CPSA, on five best practices for sales compensation management. This one is a podcast with Donya Rose. She is a co-author with me at AIHR (Academy to Innovate HR), where we are participating in a new certificate on Total Rewards,  so I wanted to give her a shout out.

Total Rewards podcasts : 3 episodes where I was a guest

Let me finish by doing a little bit of a plug for three podcasts, where I have been very lucky to be invited to be a guest.

I hope you will enjoy. Podcasts are a great way to complement your learning, and you can do that in so many different occasions. Some people listen to podcasts while they’re driving home. Personally, what I like to do is plug in a podcast when I go for a walk, and especially in the wintertime in Dubai, when the weather is so nice, I go to an artificial lake in my neighbourhood and walk around the lake, listening to those podcasts. It is really pleasant !

And, I will speak to you soon. Please do share your favourite Total Rewards podcasts or episodes in the comments – we can all benefit ! To get you started, check out below for some additional ideas of episodes !

Additional Total Rewards podcast episodes for your review

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  1. sabine gnaman says

    Thank You Sandrine ! This is amazing ! Great list of interesting, innovative, provocative , diverse and educational pods in Comp & Ben ! I am now looking forward to all my run listening to those ! Can’t run without it 🙂

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