Lunch and Learn – ideas for your Compensation team

Lunch and Learn – ideas for your Compensation team

We all know we should continually grow our knowledge. Learning new skills helps us  reach better results at work, gives us confidence in our decision-making abilities, and maintains our value in the marketplace.

One of the ways to do that is to use internal resources and increase proficiency for free. Many US companies organise “Lunch and Learn” sessions, during which employees are invited to attend a 45-minutes to one-hour presentation while they bring their lunch.

These sessions are usually more informal than other trainings. They are not mandatory, so employees feel that they are treated like adults and empowered to make a choice. They are focused as the topic has to be delivered in a short time. They don’t take away time from work so employees don’t have to “catch up” on their duties.

A little while ago, my team asked for us to organise these Lunch and Learn sessions – geared towards our needs specifically. We all share an interest in understanding more of our environment, and as a team, we like to do things together. The team is a safe place to ask questions, test ideas and generally speaking feel free to laugh at ourselves so we want to do it together.

I thought I’d share some of the topics I have identified for our L&L sessions so that if you want to get started, you have a foundation from which to build your own plan.

So here it is :

  • From Payroll : rules of calculations (by law + in the company) for End of Service, leave encashment, termination, resignation, pension for UAE Nationals and other GCC Nationals (contribution & payout rules).
  • From procurement : how to write a Request For Proposal and analyse the proposals.
  • From Legal : update on the latest jurisprudence in labour law – corporate governance (Board composition, rules etc)
  • From Finance : Company results, budgeting, and Excel tips
  • From Communications or Sales : how to prepare and deliver a compelling presentation
  • From the Units : an overview of their business.
  • From IT : tools for better work such as document sharing, Outlook tips etc.
  • From engineering or IT : tips for better project management.
  • From the rest of HR : what they need from C&B and what they would improve on what we already provide to them. Integration points with Compensation & Benefits, for example setting new hire packages, international assignments, creating salary structures for new business.

This is just a start. By involving other departments, you make them feel recognised for having skills they can share. You also display that you are actually close to the business, which is always good for HR.

But you can also invite external parties, whether the Lunch & Learn is focused on your HR team, or directed towards all employees.

For example, your healthcare provider can send someone to discuss specific aspects of your health coverage. A local gym who offers a discount to your employees could do a presentation on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. A financial adviser could explain how to think about saving for retirement.

So what do you think ? Do you have ideas of other topics for HR Lunch & Learn to share with the community ? Simply leave a comment below !


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  2. […] Lunch and learn – ideas for your Compensation team […]

  3. […] Lunch and Learn – ideas for your Compensation team […]

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