7 essential blogs for Total Rewards professionals

7 essential blogs for Total Rewards professionals

How do you keep abreast of what’s going on in Total Rewards Sandrine ?

That’s a question that I regularly get from my consulting and coaching clients, the people who attend my trainings or the conferences where I speak, or even you – my blog readers πŸ™‚

So here is a round-up of the blogsI like the most about Compensation & Benefits.

Unfortunately, even though the HR blogging scene is booming, especially in the US and also in the UK, it is still very difficult not only to find blogs focused on the topics of Total Rewards, but even more so to find “living” ones if I may say, ie blogs that are regularly updated.

Trust me, I know first-hand how difficult it is to follow a routine and post as often as we plan. Life happens, priorities shift, sometimes inspiration seems to vanish into thin air : it is a real challenge to keep publishing and creating on a regular basis. So I would like to encourage you to visit the following blogs, who are standing the test of time and bring a lot of value to their readers :

  • Compensation Cafe is a blog founded by Ann Bares, where she and other regular expert contributors share views on the world of Rewards. I like that this blog has multiple but regular authors, who each have a different voice and a slightly different focus. The articles are always high quality and will make you think.
  • Compensation Force is the blog of Ann Bares (again) where she is the sole contributor, representing her company and discussing compensation and managing performance. This blog is a bit more technical and focused on incentive design. It is a great resource to get you thinking when you are reviewing how your incentives tie into the actual performance of both employees and the organisation.
  • Ian Davidson’s Reward Blog brings a British feel to Compensation & Benefits. Ian has extensive experience in the banking and financial services industry and even though he has decided to post less often, you can still explore his archives as well as his podcast. You can also read the article he wrote for Compensation Insider on Executive labour markets in the emerging world.
  • Compandben – the Blog is authored by my former colleague John Tinsley out of Swtizerland. His company provides global employment and payroll services. This blog is a fantastic resource if you want to read the latest about employment law in Mexico, payroll practices in Vietnam, how to expand internationally etc… Read a quick post of his that he let me re-publish here on Compensation Insider : Prime de coiffure – an elegant solution.
  • The International HR Forum was founded by my friend Warren Heaps from Birches Group and was another blog with multiple regular contributors. Unfortunately, they haven’t published anything in a year, but their archives are a very good source of ideas and information if you manage international HR, so check it out. Warren re-published one of his articles here on Compensation Insider, which you will surely find very useful : Ten steps for building a salary structure.
  • Storytelling with data from Cole Nussbaumer is not a Compensation & Benefits blog per se, however it is one of my absolute favourites. Cole is a former People Analytics Manager at Google and has a fantastic way of teaching how to make a bigger impact simply by changing the way you display data – an essential skill for C&B pros. One of her posts features in Compensation Insider, it is called How to do it in Excel – go read it !
  • Finally, the Symbolist blog by Paul Hebert will bring you great insights on recognition plans, motivation and employee engagement. Paul’s approach is very intent on how to get the best from people, in a positive and ethical manner through good managerial practices. Something we should all remember, especially in work environments that are as culturally diverse as the ones we experience in the Gulf countries…

So what about you ? Which blogs do you read to keep informed of Compensation & Benefits, performance management, international mobility, emiratisation and nationalisation in the GCC, and employee engagement ? Please share your favourites in the comments section !

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  1. Sajal Jaiswal says

    Thank you so much for sharing these blogs! Its indeed insightful to go through these.


  2. John Douglass says

    Thanks for this, Sandrine…..have subscribed to CompForce which really looks good to me, especially with regard to the technical aspects of incentive comp and all that’s involved….of the entire scope of total comp, this area (ST/LT incentive comp with and without equity) is what interests me most…..when I think performance management, I am thinking performance at the organization/unit/individual levels.

    Hope to Skype with you this week!!

    John D

  3. You might also enjoy http://www.getnerdyhr.com.

  4. FYI… I have my own blog now and do not write on the Symbolist site. You can find me here: wphebert.com – more coming soon!

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