Share the knowledge – December 2012

First of all let me wish you a very prosperous 2013. I hope this new year will bring you happiness and growth, and I look forward to our continued interactions through Compensation Insider in the coming 12 months :-). And now, back to my regular schedule of posting ! Like every month, here are some […]

My Christmas wish list for Performance & Reward

I was at my friends’ home recently, and the children were busy preparing their letters for Santa Claus. They behaved well during the year (well, most of the time anyway…) so were writing their  wish list for Christmas. Of course, I don’t believe in Santa Claus any longer, but it got me thinking about what […]

Why is “soft stuff” so hard really, at least to assess ?

As year-end approaches, we are all in the process of evaluating how well we did this year, and we are (or at least, some of us are) also thinking about objectives and goals for the coming 12 months. As part of your self appraisal, you surely find it natural to evaluate your performance based on […]

Share the knowledge – November 2012

Like every month, here are some of the best or most relevant Compensation & Benefits, performance management, HR and/or global mobility articles that I came across recently : You’ve GOT to read this very interesting post about whether to punish failure or lack of failure. Michael Haberman from Omega HR Solutions is inspired by the […]

One day with Dave Ulrich at the IIRME 2012 Middle East HR Summit

So… My friends from IIRME organised the 2012 Middle East HR Summit and Expo in Dubai last week. It was by far the largest HR event in the Middle East, with a few hundred delegates from all over the region attending the conference. Unfortunately, other commitments prevented me from attending, but 2 of my team members […]

The 3 types of employee engagement at high performing companies

In this 9-minute video from WorkspanTV, Max Caldwell of Towers Watson discusses employee engagement. (RSS readers may have to click through). He starts by defining 3 types of engagement : rational, emotional and motivational and explains how engagement is a predictor of business performance as engaged employees are willing to go the extra mile. He […]

An interpretation of Seth Godin’s “The End of Should”

Seth Godin’s posts are notoriously short and to the point. The End of Should is a recent one that I thought Compensation and HR professionals could use : Banks should close at 4, books should be 200 pages long, CEOs should go to college, blogs should have comments, businessmen should be men, big deals should […]