Salaries and the cost of living in KSA

I’m very pleased today to host my friends from Bridge the Data for a guest post. Bridge the Data was formerly know as Cost of Living reports, and I mentioned their reports in previous articles. Today, they share with us an extract from their KSA report which was published right at the end of 2015. […]

How low salary is not low cost (always)

In Dubai where I live, and in other GCC countries, many organisations rely on cheap (imported) labour in order to manufacture, distribute and sell their products. A lot of HR Directors don’t necessarily believe in this “cheap cheap cheap” approach, but they struggle to get heard by the leadership team, and they often ask me […]

Back to basics on analytics

Someone recently asked me “how to go about analytics” in Compensation & Benefits. I won’t share here a list of KPIs, SLAs and other metrics to track. The internet already has plenty of that available at the push of a button. As far as analytics is concerned, I believe that one should not necessarily use […]

Executive Labour markets – the emerging markets story

Today’s post comes from Ian Davidson. Ian has an impressive track record in the C&B sphere. His specialty is executive pay, and he has been involved in the financial services industry for a long time. He shares his thoughts on his blog at and also podcasts – something I am planning to try soon […]

… and the winner is…

The National used the results of the AonHewitt “best employer in the Middle East” survey as the theme for their editorial yesterday. The title ? “Work can reward in different ways”  – OF COURSE I had to write about it today 😉 ! DHL Express UAE was declared best employer, with 2 other DHL branches […]

Are you using comparatios without thinking ?

In the compensation world, comparatio is defined as an employee’s base pay divided by the midpoint of the salary range linked to the employee’s job grade. Comparatios can be expressed as a percentage (110%) or a number (0.9). Uses of comparatios We use them mostly at the time of salary reviews, in companies that use […]

Frustrated : a story of customer service and data format

You know something that really annoys me ? It’s the way that the large survey providers tend to treat their customers in the GCC. Let me share an example. I have more, from other providers – maybe I’ll write them up too in the future. The customer by the way, yes, that’s me. And you. […]