Back to basics on analytics

Someone recently asked me “how to go about analytics” in Compensation & Benefits. I won’t share here a list of KPIs, SLAs and other metrics to track. The internet already has plenty of that available at the push of a button. As far as analytics is concerned, I believe that one should not necessarily use […]

Executive Labour markets – the emerging markets story

Today’s post comes from Ian Davidson. Ian has an impressive track record in the C&B sphere. His specialty is executive pay, and he has been involved in the financial services industry for a long time. He shares his thoughts on his blog at and also podcasts – something I am planning to try soon […]

… and the winner is…

The National used the results of the AonHewitt “best employer in the Middle East” survey as the theme for their editorial yesterday. The title ? “Work can reward in different ways”  – OF COURSE I had to write about it today ! DHL Express UAE was declared best employer, with 2 other DHL branches (Oman […]

Are you using comparatios without thinking ?

In the compensation world, comparatio is defined as an employee’s base pay divided by the midpoint of the salary range linked to the employee’s job grade. Comparatios can be expressed as a percentage (110%) or a number (0.9). Uses of comparatios We use them mostly at the time of salary reviews, in companies that use […]

Frustrated : a story of customer service and data format

You know something that really annoys me ? It’s the way that the large survey providers tend to treat their customers in the GCC. Let me share an example. I have more, from other providers – maybe I’ll write them up too in the future. The customer by the way, yes, that’s me. And you. […]

All you need to know : from compensation surveys to salary ranges and salary review

Frances, one of my readers, recently commented to me as follows : I have to create salary ranges and compare the current salary to market data. This will allow me to make the determination if the person’s pay is within the acceptable range. Year-end is approaching and I am starting to get more questions around […]

Updating salary ranges… or not ?

When the time of salary review approaches, most Compensation managers will start preparing by reviewing the salary ranges in their organisation. Using data from compensation providers, we look at the midpoint, minimum and maximum of our salary ranges. Do they still reflect the market ? The first consideration should be “how do we define market” […]