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Sandrine Bardot - Trainer, Consultant, Coach and Speaker in International Compensation & Benefits

Hello, and welcome to Compensation Insider !

My name is Sandrine Bardot and I am a trainer, consultant, coach and speaker in International Compensation & Benefits. I am also the author of Compensation Insider, the only Compensation & Benefits blog with a Middle East flavour.

Here, you will find a wealth of information ranging from articles sharing some real-life experiences in Total Rewards to technical tips to help you deliver flawless support to your business, to answers to reader questions (maybe even yours ?) and recaps from HR and C&B conferences.

You will learn, compare to your experience, keep up-to-date and find relevant tricks that will give you an edge in your career. And even though the topic is somewhat of a technical nature, I always strive to keep my style easy to read so that you can easily share it with your team members.

These are very educative and insightful posts! Is it ok with you if I share them with my HR/Total Rewards colleagues in my office ? (…) I feel that the details and insights you share in your posts could help others in the profession in updating themselves and thereby help the cause of raising the collective knowledge/understanding of the HR/TR community.  (Ashish S.)

Some of the topics and the way you presented it, makes the reader understand the content : simple yet concrete. Thanks for taking the time off to write and let us know your experience… For a couple of the blogs I would like to ask few questions and in another couple I wanted to add my inputs too.. It’s a good platform to share and learn… (…) Keep writing… We are awaiting to read them (Edwin F.)

In fact personally I wait for your blogs – and every time there is something to surprise me.  In my view, I feel you hold one of the compensation ‘god’s’ type position in my life and any time I am stuck with C&B, you are the first person to come to my mind. (Samir D.)

I want to thank you for your wonderful and insightful blog Compensation Insider, I was inspired by all your articles and read them all since I subscribed! 🙂 (Amy L.)

I just love to read all your posts. They not only have good content but are extremely well written. I am sure there are loads of people who are waiting for the posts. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and helping everyone. (Vijay L.)

With over 17 years of International Compensation & Benefits experience in Corporate HR at the time, in 2011 I launched Compensation Insider as a way to expand my reach and spread the word around “good” C&B. Why ? Because my motto is:

Learn, Help, Share and Smile.

The blog is now my opportunity to share, for free, some of the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years. If you like it, my hope is that at some point, you will explore the trainings, speaking, mentoring/coaching packs and consulting services that I offer, and maybe become a paid client.

But even if you don’t, that’s OK :-). I’m happy to simply become one of your sources of information and reflection on Total Rewards matters.

See you on the other side !

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  1. Hi Sandrine,

    I’m a marketing manager at Informa Middle East. Was looking at your articles and thought your content was very interesting. I’m working on an e-book for compensation right now and was wondering if you would like your articles to be featured in it? We will give full credit due and citation. Let me know if this is something you would like to be part of.

    Thanks and kind regards,

  2. Dear Miss Sandrine,
    Are there any upcoming courses you are conducting in kuwait? I would be interested to attend.

  3. Amit Barve says

    HR fraternity is known for using jargons. Your article has lucid language which makes it easy to understand for non HR professionals.
    Excellent and useful article !!!!

  4. Hi Sandrine,

    As a matter of interest, have you ever done any consulting to companies in Africa?



    • Hi Gary,
      No not for clients in recent years – but I did manage Africa as a region for many years when I was in corporate roles, and have worked on issues in South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Senegal… At the moment, I also have partners who have done extensive C&B projets in Africa for many years and are even currently working on a project in Ghana. Please do reach out to me a sandrine@compensationinsider.com if you would like to discuss 🙂

  5. Helen Chandler says

    Hi Sandrine,
    I am struggling with reviewing and placing a new senior role. I believe the role itself once it has been established will fall into one grade…let’s say Level 7. However, the job of creating this new role (and department) is huge and takes a higher level of knowledge, influence, problem-solving, etc.
    Is it an acceptable practice to grade the job as say Level 8 while it is being established and then Level 7 a few years after it has been established? Or, would you recommend setting the job at say Level 7, but recognizing the person creating this role/department by having them higher in band?
    We are split on what to do.

    Thanks for your insight!

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