How to personalize Total Rewards

We look at how to personalize Total Rewards by introducing flexibility in many areas of the employee package.

Using the anchoring concept in communication for Rewards and HR

We discuss how behavioural science can impact the communication of Total Rewards, with specific examples using the anchoring concept.

Impact of COVID on Total Rewards in 2021 and beyond

We discuss the impact COVID is going to have on Compensation and Benefits / Performance and Rewards in 2021 and beyond.

Why employees are not engaged and how to motivate them – [infographic]

Most employees are not engaged. Low engagement costs US companies over $350 billions in revenue every year, as employees focus on activities that are not very productive. Why do they do that ? Do you want to know what employees really want, and what you should offer them as part of your Employee Value Proposition…

What do the Olympics opening ceremony and your recognition scheme have in common ?

I love watching the big ceremonies for the launch of truly international sporting events.  I was happily reflecting on the fact that the Olympics opened on a Friday hence week-end for us in the GCC when an idea came to my mind linking it to Compensation & Benefits. I know, I know, I’m a bit obsessive-compulsive…

In your own words: a call for the recognition of the Rewards profession in the Middle East

A few months ago I wrote a report on Trends in Compensation & Benefits in the GCC for informa Middle East (free download). In the survey that was at the basis of the report, Rewards managers were asked about the challenges they face. A massive cry out came from the ranks, centered on 2 main…

The dollars and sense of employee engagement [infographic]

I have been working on customising a workshop on how Performance & Reward supports employee engagement lately, and during my research I came across an infographic which I think you will find interesting. It comes from the good folks at Halogen Software ( : From Visually. Related posts : Remuneration, engagement and the GCC employee…