What opportunites for partnership between HR and Finance ? [Infographic]

A few months ago, the good folks at Towers Watson produced a decent infographic on the partnership opportunities between HR and Finance. Unfortunately, they’re not offering an “embed” function so if you want to see it, you’ll have to click here. You can download a PDF if you really like it There are numerous areas […]

3 tips to support the performance management approach at your company

Here is a situation that I witnessed at a client’s company. Imagine the scene : today is the meeting with the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) where the topic is : “Which changes should we introduce to our performance management system ?”. The ELT is educated about the need for an efficient program. The individual performance […]

Do you want to try and win a free pass to the C&B Forum in Dubai this June ?

The GCC C&B Trends Report 2014

The Compensation & Benefits Forum 2014 organised by IIRME (now to be called Informa) will take place on June 8 -12 in Dubai, and I am honoured to be one of the speakers again. Compensation Insider is also the official blog partner of the Forum, and I am write the report summarizing the findings from […]

How Reward reinforces your culture and strategy – 4 examples

My good friend Sylvia Doyle is a terrific independent Rewards consultant based in the UK. A few days ago, she produced an interesting piece on the CIPD Reward Blogger’s blog called “I have a question for you”. Her post raises interesting points about culture and strategy. As she wrote : As HR and reward professionals, […]

Executive Labour markets – the emerging markets story

Today’s post comes from Ian Davidson. Ian has an impressive track record in the C&B sphere. His specialty is executive pay, and he has been involved in the financial services industry for a long time. He shares his thoughts on his blog at iandavidson.me and also podcasts – something I am planning to try soon […]

… and the winner is…

The National used the results of the AonHewitt “best employer in the Middle East” survey as the theme for their editorial yesterday. The title ? “Work can reward in different ways”  – OF COURSE I had to write about it today ! DHL Express UAE was declared best employer, with 2 other DHL branches (Oman […]

Compensation & Benefits – The text-book solution is not always right !

Today’s post comes from my friend Tom Raftery, founder and Director of It’s all about People, a Human Capital consultancy based in Dubai. In this article, he shares some thought-provoking views based on his real-life experience. The “best practice”, widely accepted, default approach to compensation-related issues is not always the best one to apply for the […]