Reader Question – How to use different surveys when their results are vastly different ?

We discuss a 3-step approach to use different salary surveys results and how to weigh them appropriately. Read or watch the video !

Reader Question – When shall I review salaries for staff on Fixed Term contract ?

Tips for deciding when to review salaries for staff on fixed-term contract, whether they are employees or external.

Convince management to pay for salary market data

If you’re ready to get fresh salary survey data, it’s time to learn to present your request as a business need with return on investment.

Salaries and the cost of living in KSA

I’m very pleased today to host my friends from Bridge the Data for a guest post. Bridge the Data was formerly know as Cost of Living reports, and I mentioned their reports in previous articles. Today, they share with us an extract from their KSA report which was published right at the end of 2015.…

C&B : Local leadership want it “their” way, not the corporate way – what can I do?

Holly, one of my new subscribers recently commented : “One of the biggest challenges involves developing global strategy that inter-relates both compensation & benefits as well as global mobility issues among 100 countries. One size does not fit all situations – and a regional approach has been employed. However, that approach is often undermined by…

Do you have questions about the Cost of Living reports ?

A few weeks ago I introduced the Cost of Living Reports for the UAE, Qatar, KSA and an overall GCC report. The reports are very comprehensive and include sections on: accommodation costs (very detailed by accommodation type and area in the Dubai and Abu Dhabi) education health transport and travel costs household goods and utility…

2014 C&B objectives and a first tool for you

 Hello, hello, and Happy New Year ! With 2014 already under way, I looked back at what happened in my life last year, reflected, and, as previous years, went through my trusted Your Best Year Yet process. I’d like to share with you some of my goals for 2014 that relate to Compensation Insider and…