All you need to know : common pay challenges and how to handle them

Signing a contractSome time ago, I published a resource page which I encourage you to explore and share : All you need to know: from compensation surveys to salary ranges and salary review.

This page has proven very useful and many of my readers sent me emails to say they appreciated having a compilation like this available for reference.

I thought I would complement it with a new one. These articles are extracted from my archives, and cover some common pay challenges, and how to solve them.

I hope you find it helpful. And if you do, please share it with your colleagues and peers !

Titles and job descriptions

Pay compression

Other pay challenges

… and finally, a bonus to make you think about what “should” be done in Compensation & Benefits… or not.

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  1. hi Sandrine
    I would like to thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us am personally enjoying all the topics and its very useful information for all comp&ben professional levels
    I have been reading frequently your post and trying my best to cover it all
    I would really appreciate if you can touch base on recognition I have recently launched a recognition toolkits for managers to use for spot recognition however the management demanding a KPIs to be set in order to measure the performance of the scheme by utilization and use, in my opinion only employee survey can give you the real outcome of the scheme
    my question is what would be the % of utilization by the end of year I have to set or is there any other measurement criteria I have to put as KPIs for the end of year

    many thanks

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