The same, but different

Ouch !

Photo from – the 1,000$ meal

Soooo… the bad news is, the finger is still hurting when typing. The good news is it should be OK in 2/3 days, says the nurse.

I would like to sincerely thank Viji, Robert, Samir and Ibtisam for their words of support. I did not expect it, and I was really touched by your kindness 🙂

Now back to the blog. As you know, tomorrow is International Women’s Day, and so women will be the theme of today’s forced “lazy post”.

Women in Compensation Insider :


From my monthly column “Share the Knowledge”, here are 2 sections :

1 – Women in the GCC :

2 – Women and career :


And my special for today : how to change the world using unusual ideas. Simon Berry wants “mothers throughout the developing world to be able to buy an anti-diarrhoea kit to stop her child dying of dehydration from diarrhoea in all the places you can buy a bottle of Coke.”

I’ll be back to my regular postings on Sunday. Thanks for your patience !


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