GCC pensions special – April 2012

In the past few weeks, there has been a flurry of articles on the topic of pensions in the GCC. I have selected for you the most informative of these articles so you can get a helicopter view.

GCC general

UAE Nationals

  • FNC recommends pension changes with payment for Nationals who resign from government once they reach 20 years of service, with no minimum age restriction set at 50 years. Current laws sets a minimum age of 50 years old to receive the pension. The article contains other details regarding the financial balance required for sustainability of the pension fund.
  • This article, like the first one, also describes discussions between the government, concerned about the financial aspects, and the FNC, who wants to highlight “the humane side of things”.

UAE expats




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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing all these links. In relation to compensation in the Middle East I would also like to share the link to the latest Bayt.com Middle East Salary Survey March 2012 report here http://www.bayt.com/en/research-report-13189/.
    This report ooks at the current situation of working professionals in the MENA, levels of MENA salaries and GCC Salaries(UAE Salaries, KSA Salaries, Kuwait Salaries, Qatar Salaries, Bahrain Salaries, Jordan Salaries, Lebanon Salaries, Egypt Salaries), GCC and MENA compensation packages, MENA bonuses and GCC Bonuses, MENA Salary raises and GCC Salary raises, MENA Costs of living and gauges overall employee job satisfaction in the MENA.


    • Sandrine says

      Thanks Apeksha for sharing this report that I am sure my readers will find useful. I will include it in my May overview of useful articles as well.


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