FTSE 100 companies due to report employee engagement level

My latest post was about the metrics that can be used in order to assess a decrease in engagement levels. I expanded that post from a slide extracted from one of my workshops on designing retention and recognition schemes – and the metrics all came from my experience at past companies and also, common sense – pretty obvious stuff really…

So you can imagine my interest when I found a short article on Around the HR World in 40 days. I quote : “The top 100 firms in the UK (FTSE 100) are going to start to be ranked compared to two major HR metrics – Absence reporting and employee engagement. This is the second step in a project that the CIPD was involved in that found that firms who focused on those two HR areas – performed 10% higher when compared to peers!” (emphasis is mine).

It’s great to see that research supports the assumptions that many HR pros have been making for a long time. Definitely a positive step toward convincing top management to pay real attention to engagement in the organisation.

Sooo…. I digged a little further and found the original report at BITC.org (click-through to download the full pdf).

BITC stands for Business In The Community and they have developed a whole approach to employee wellness in the organisation. Here is an extract from their executive summary :

“Employees are a critical company asset as they are the means by which companies function. How companies manage their staff can determine business performance, and its ability to succeed long-term.

Investors believe companies need to demonstrate how they are managing this asset effectively as they believe robust employee practices can contribute to strong long-term business success. Specifically investors consider employee wellness and engagement matters to be investment relevant.”

The interesting point in their approach is that they emphasize that employees as well as organisations need to be involved, and I recommend you spend a little time going through the model.

And what about the KPIs they recommend to track, you ask ? Well, guess what – responses to employee engagement surveys, average tenure in the company, number of grievances, employee absence rate… all also mentioned in my post so I guess I didn’t do too bad in my workshop πŸ˜‰

And now, it’s time to get tracking – and more importantly, to use the results to drive effective action in your company…

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