Enhance your Google search skills for Compensation research

We all use Google at least once a day. Yet, we have never been formally trained to perform efficient searches and apart from AND and OR, most users still type a question and hope for the “proper” answer. Let’s face it, when you are looking for targeted information (like when doing specific research for Compensation & Benefits projects), this kind of approach does not always yield the results we hope and expect.

Google has published some guidelines to help users perform better searches. They’re a good starting point. But then, a few months ago, through Mashable, I found a great infographic with real-life examples created by HackCollege. The infographic is targeted at US students, who are supposed to do a lot of online research for their papers and essays. Yet, as the Mashable article points out, the vast majority of them actually have very poor online search skills.

I am happy to reproduce the infographic here, and hope you will use those tips for your future research needs.

Created by: HackCollege

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