Create the best rules in Outlook to boost your productivity

Create the best rules in Outlook to boost your productivity

Beginning of the year, we all come back full of good intentions. In today’s Sunday Skills, I want to show you how to easily set up rules to manage the inflow to your Outlook inbox.

The steps are very simple and explained in this presentation :

What matters really, is how you can use these rules to help you manage your compensation work.

So let me share some examples :

  1. Assign your boss’ emails to a high priority category with a flag for follow-up when you are in to To, not cc: line of the message.
  2. Automatically delete meeting acceptance and refusal messages when you organise meetings (you can also get into the event itself and track attendance).
  3. Move messages sent to the HR distribution list to a specific “communications” folder
  4. Send RSS feeds to a special “reading” folder to catch up upon at a later date
  5. File messages from your team member about a specific project (eg : “compensation survey”, “Oracle update”, “LTIP” is in the header or subject) where your name is in the To line as these are probably for information only. You can even make an exception if the word “help”, “advice” or “support” is mentioned in the text or subject line and flag these messages for action to keep them in your inbox for special review. Any message from anyone else with the same subject will still show up in your inbox, allowing you to check them when they get in.

Now get your imagination running and get your inbox organised !


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