Compensation & Benefits job opportunities in the GCC – Special

I frequently get calls from headhunters when they are looking for experienced C&B professionals in EMEA, and am always happy to refer candidates if I can. These positions are rarely, if ever, advertised online as the search is usually confidential.

However I have noticed a recent surge in opportunities being advertised for C&B positions in the GCC region. Most of these come from LinkedIn, so if you are not on LinkedIn yet, it’s time to hurry and create your full profile there !

I’ll link to some of the current openings here, starting with 2 positions that are open for UAE Nationals :

Emirati Compensation & Benefits Manager, Abu Dhabi, via

Dhs 40,000/- Negotiable + excellent family benefits I Ref.No.:6203

Job Role and Requirements :

Our Client is a progressive Abu Dhabi based institution. Key job functions will involve providing support to the management in reviewing, analyzing, developing & managing compensation initiatives across the institution in line with the company’s corporate policies, preparing & rolling out new C & B initiatives with the framework & recommendations, advising the management on rewards projects and ensuring compliance with organizational regulations & policies. Applicant sought will be a HR graduate / MBA preferably with CIPD, with 8 years HR experience of which 3 years must be in a C&B role, with good knowledge of C&B methodology. Good analytical skills, knowledge of HRIS, salary survey dealings are essential.

Please email CV to

HR Officer C&B UAE National at Dragon Oil in Dubai. You’ll find yourself with friendly co-workers there 🙂

And now the positions where nationality is not mentioned :

Compensation & Benefits Manager at Microsoft in Dubai or Istanbul. I used to work for MS, the C&B team is great, the company culture is fantastic but you have to be ready for real hard work and being accountable for a lot of delivery. This is not for the faint of heart, but it’s a great opportunity to be exposed to high-end reward techniques.

Senior Compensation Analyst at Western Union in Dubai

Compensation & Benefits Analyst Middle East and Africa at Pepsico. The team is lead by a very knowledgeable VP and the company culture at Pepsico is renowned.

Reward analyst at National Bank of Abu Dhabi. Another team of good professionals to work with.

Compensation & Benefits Specialist at Sidra Medical and Research Centre in Qatar

International Mobility Advisor at BP International in Muscat

Job Evaluation Specialist at Petro Rabbigh in KSA

Reward Analyst at Cristal in Jeddah

Specialist IV, Reward at Cristal in Jeddah (this is a more experienced position than the Reward Analyst they’re advertising at the same time).

I hope this will help you in furthering your career. If any of you goes through the interview process or gets one of these jobs, please let me know, I’ll be happy to learn that this sharing of opportunities has been useful to some 🙂

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for all of you !

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  1. Salma Ghaffar says

    Dear Sandrine

    Very useful article as always. Thanks for sharing. I always learn something new from your articles and blogs.

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