7 red lines, some with green ink [video]

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A quick one today to share a funny video that many C&B and HR people will be able to relate to. It’s called “The expert”. When I first saw it I was immediately remembered of past conversations about Long Term Incentive Plans design – you’ll soon see why πŸ˜‰

Don’t miss the moment at 3’15, when the client comes to the board to suggest a solution – and the face of the expert when he sees her proposal – so true !

Welcome to the world of “7 red lines, all of them strictly perpendicular, some with green ink, and some transparent” !

The Expert – posted by Lauris Beinerts – Youtube (7’34)



With thanks to my friend Soraya for sending this one to me πŸ™‚

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Have a great day !

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  1. Hi Sandrine,
    Thanks for allow me to view this valuable resource of HR amazing and fundmental topic, i will be one of your product & creative idea, i suggest to add URL that show videos or TV show platform for your lecture and training sessions which you are produces to your clients that will beautify your page .
    Thanks indeed for your inviting me.

    • Hi Isam,
      It’s a great idea and I am (slowly slowly) working on some ideas for producing videos of my own. For the time being I curate great Compensation & Benefits content for my YouTube channel, but I hope to host my own videos soon πŸ™‚

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