Compensation trends for 2012 – and how we communicate them

Although we are now officially in June and getting close to the mid-year mark, I thought I would share this infographic from Payscale. It illustrates compensation trends for 2012.

I like it for 2 reasons :

  1. obviously because the topic is of relevance for this blog 🙂
  2. because it is an infographic, it is a nice way to remind us that how we present information helps carry the message. I have already argued in this blog that this is  a point that Compensation professionals should never forget. How you deliver your message influences the result or reaction you will get (provided, of course, the content is relevant). Here, the main points of their reports are made easy to read and understand, something all HR pros shouldkeep in mind when communicating with their internalcustomerbase, be it employees or managers.

So here it is :

PayScale's 2012 Compensation Best Practices Infographic



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