Reader Question – When shall I review salaries for staff on Fixed Term contract ?

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  1. Laura Manganotti Mills says

    My experience so far:
    Fixed-Term contract are typically included in the performance review cycle, thus receive a merit increase as the regular/permanent employees provided that they meet, at least, performance/behaviours/goals agreed.
    If they leave before the merit review date, or the duration of their contract is short, they do not receive any merit. Though, an end-of-contract bonus or performance bonus may be paid depending on what was agreed for their role.

    Third-party contractors (ie: paid by a third-party such as an agency that invoices the Company) do not get anything from the Company, however their managers tend to agree with their agency on a market-aligned increase for them, around the same merit date as for regular employees above or one month later. This initiative is left to the management of those TP contractors as some services cannot afford to pay more.

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