Share the knowledge – December 2011

A bit early this month due to the Christmas holidays, but interesting nonetheless !

Some of the best or most relevant Compensation & Benefits, performance management, HR and/or global mobility articles that I came across recently :

For those of you who are interested in GCC and MENA articles, here are some regional pieces :

Best of the rest :

  • Though not directly related to C&B, this short McKinsey article (with a link to the full report) on how equities may be shrinking in the future will make you think of how your organisation will get funding for its growth in the future, and how Executive compensation may be affected  as a consequence. A good article for all HR readers to put things into perspective.
  • Here is a link to PwC 2011 findings from their Annual Corporate Director survey, including Say on Pay and executive compensation  etc
  • It is nicely complemented by this quick and easy overview of Top 10 issues for Boards in 2012 from a Harvard Forum.

… and, just because I love living in the UAE and want to share its beauty with the world, please check out this stunning video from Dubai-based Lewis de Mesa !


Does any of these topics raise questions for you ? Would you like me to cover one of these subjects in a future post ? Please share your thoughts in the comments section !

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