Share the knowledge – August 2011

As you may know, I love to keep updated about Compensation & Benefits and HR, and I do a lot of reading on the topic. To help you save time, here is the first version of my monthly “Share the knowledge” so that you have a one-stop shop access to these gems 🙂


Some of the best or most relevant C&B, performance management, HR and/or global mobility articles that I came across recently.


For those of you who are interested in GCC and MENA articles, here are some regional pieces

Best of the rest

These  articles that are less focused on C&B or HR, but ay cover leadership, governance, social media and networking, and generally-speaking, articles that gave me food for thought in whatever arena…
Because even though we are specialists in our field, us Compensation and HR people cannot live in an ivory tower, and we need to understand what is going on around us if we want to deliver the best possible support to our organisation.


In conclusion, a “special” for today’s menu. I’d like to encourage Middle East organisations to participate into the HR Competency Study, organised by HR guru Dave Ulrich  and Wayne Brockbank. It takes place every 5 years, and the closing date will be around late Sept so don’t miss out !


I know, that’s a lot of reading… that’s why I’m posting this just before the week-end, so that you have time to go through 🙂

Let me know if you want me to write a piece related to any of the topics that I have shared here.
Enjoy !

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