A useful reference matrix on equity compensation

Growing - Sunday Skills - Compensation InsiderIn this edition of Sunday Skills, I want to lead you to a great synthetic document created by Performensation, a consulting company which “provides customized performance based compensation solutions to organizations of all sizes in the Americas and Europe”.

Performensation is led by Dan Walter, an expert on executive / equity compensation who is also a prominent contributor to the Compensation & Benefits scene in the US through his guest posts at Compensation Cafe (see my blog roll).

They published on their Slideshare channel a great outline of various equity schemes. The matrix gives a neat overview of the purpose, typical plan sponsor (company that puts it in place) and plan audience, and main features of each equity type.

The document then covers the main issues and challenges related to each scheme, from accounting to legal, tax, communication and administration. Obviously, the legal and tax challenges are mostly relevant for US-based readers, but the document remains relevant for everyone.

I really like it and recommend you keep it as a handy reference. It will be useful as a refresher as well as a tool to discuss with management when the topic of equity or LTIs will come up. I hope you find it beneficial !

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