2013 Compensation best practices [infographic]

It’s my birthday today, and I want to share with you a “gift” in the form of quick infographic from Payscale.com.

It covers best practices in Compensation & Benefits for 2013 and is interesting for companies in all countries even though the study is based on US organisations.

I strongly suggest you get the full report as it examines multiple aspects of compensation approaches, from having a compensation philosophy to how salary ranges are set and the use of pay for performance and internal pay equity.

Here is the infographic  :
PayScale's 2013 Compensation Best Practices Infographic


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  1. Esther Brown says

    Hello, Sandrine

    Happy Birthday!!!!.. I hope you enjoyed it to the fullest. Im a newbie in Dubai and I’m just now tuning in to your website…. Great Info


    • Sandrine says

      Thank you Esther,
      I am sure you will enjoy Dubai 🙂
      I am planning to relocate there towards the end of May, so maybe at some point we can meet in person ?

  2. Happy birthday morning sun shine,,

    • Sandrine says

      Noora – thanks !
      I’ll call you shortly to update you on the latest developments on my side – I’m happy and excited !
      Speak soon,

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