Emiratisation 101

The basics you need to understand…

… and some practical tips on how to address emiratisation


Emiratisation 101 - advice on emiratisation and nationalisationThere has been more focus recently on emiratisation and nationalisation programs in the GCC.

And, why not ?

Local nationals have a massive role to play in the development of their own countries.

They should be active and influential in the private as much as in the public sector.

And local governments will not be able to continue to provide job opportunities for all their citizens in a sustainable manner.

So they are tightening rules about quotas of local employees.

What does that mean for your organisation, whether it is semi-governmental, private or fully governmental ?


Practical tips on designing great emiratisation approaches

This practical advice will guide your program design.

  • To cascade Emiratisation targets into the company, you can set quotas in the Directors bonus scheme. But this quantitative approach is flawed when used by itself.

The limits of Emiratisation quotas

  • When salaries go up due a shortage of skills in the job market, you can hire in the wrong grade or pay a hot skills premium. Use the latter to pay GCC Nationals.

GCC Nationals pay : a lesson from the Y2K bug

  • C&B can support emiratisation in many ways. In the first of two posts, I cover base pay, allowances, KPIs and incentives as the most direct areas of influence. The second post covers performance management, referral schemes, recognition and retention.

Emiratisation and Compensation & Benefits – part I

Emiratisation and Compensation & Benefits – part II


Increase your understanding of emiratisation

Here are some articles to give you the background you need in order to establish your organisation’s approach to emiratisation

  • The UAE turned 40 on December 2, 2011. A description of the factors in its economic and social environment that impact the work of Compensation & Benefits managers.

The UAE 40th National Day and the Compensation manager

  • Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council (ADTC) provides some insight on the challenges facing the country in implementing a successful emiratisation of the private sector.

A view on emiratisation from the Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council

  • The demographic boom and reduced hydrocarbon income will impact pensions for local Nationals in the future.

Pensions landscape – Europe and GCC part II

  • Remuneration is not the main motivator for GCC-based employees, who say they value learning, growth and clear career paths as main drivers of their engagement at work.

Remuneration, engagement and the GCC employee

  • The ASHRM conference in Abu Dhabi 2012 raised conversations on female representation in the Saudi workplace, the culture of entitlement, increased accountability and the role of HR in the workplace.

Feedback from the ASHRM conference 2012

And there’s more to come…

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