Will you meet me at these HR and Compensation events ?

I am delighted to announce that I have been invited to speak at 2 upcoming conferences that will take place in Dubai soon.

  • At the Human Assets Expansion Middle East Summit (May 21 to 23, 2012), I will present a keynote about aligning Performance Management with the business strategy. I have not finalised my presentation yet, so if there are points you think I should include, please share your suggestions in the comments section !
  • At the 16th Compensation & Benefits Forum from IIRME (June 17 to 21, 2012), I will be speaking about “Developing reward strategies to attract, grow and retain a very mobile National workforce”. Emiratisation and Nationalisation are topics dear to my heart so I look forward to sharing some ideas with the audience.

On the Thursday, I will also facilitate a one-day post-conference workshop covering “Practical steps to implement strategic retention and recognition schemes to boost employee  engagement and business performance”.

Finally, I am very excited to say that Compensation Insider has been selected as official blog partner for the Forum ! I will definitely cover my topics in posts after the event so that my readers who can’t participate still get an idea of the conversation.


I hope you will have a chance to attend either of these events, and we will connect in person – please make sure to introduce yourself !

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  1. That is fantastic news Sandrine :), I miss you, please call me once you have a chance

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