The 3 types of employee engagement at high performing companies

The 3 types of employee engagement at high performing companies

In this 9-minute video from WorkspanTV, Max Caldwell of Towers Watson discusses employee engagement.

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He starts by defining 3 types of engagement : rational, emotional and motivational and explains how engagement is a predictor of business performance as engaged employees are willing to go the extra mile.

He then proceeds to explain how one of their surveys looked at what differentiate the companies with sustained high performance. 

Like all other companies, these high performing organisations have some display of intrinsic attachment. But they have 2 more key differentiators compared to the rest of companies :

  • a sense of enablement (get the tools, processes, good boss, clarity about role)
  • a level energy / sustainability (healthy culture, social well-being, collaborative environment….)

which translate into higher achievements.

Max Caldwell recommends using the results of engagement surveys to do something practical in order to increase engagement. For example, understanding career paths is important because it creates a sense of opportunity. So you maylook into communicating your career paths and opportunities in a more visible manner in the organisation.

Finally, he quickly covers how an engagement survey can be used as a form of 180-degrees assessment about the top management of an organisation. Developing  a sense of accountability with respect to engagement can also link into the reward system through specific metrics in the performance scorecard for example.

Are there metrics related to employee engagement in the KPIs, objectives or scorecards of Management at your organisation ?


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